In today's world, it is so easy to share your opinion with a vast amount of people that you have to be careful about what you believe on the internet. Websites such as Yelp, Reddit, and countless others serve as a platform for people to voice their thoughts regardless if they're based on fact or not.

Recently, two separate opinion pieces were published that named two different cities in Colorado as the 'ugliest,' but exactly how accurate are these statements?

Is Lochbuie One of the Ugliest Cities in Colorado?

In case you're not familiar, Lochbuie, Colorado is a small town northeast of Denver near Brighton.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Originally nicknamed Space City, Lochbuie began as a trailer park and was eventually named after a town of the same name in Scotland.

With its lack of vegetation and mobile home roots, Lochbuie was named one of the ugliest cities in America by

Is Cañon City One of the Ugliest Cities in Colorado?

Another Colorado city that recently made a list of the ugliest in the country is Cañon City, Colorado.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Known for being a town in which a large number of its residents work in prisons due to its proximity to SuperMax and many other correctional facilities, Cañon City gets a bad rap for its geographical location, as well as its lack of ethnic diversity.

The city was named as one of the ugliest in the country by an article on Buzzfeed which cited the nearby prisons and described the town itself as "bleak."

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Of course, deciding what is and what isn't ugly is subjective and while neither of these two cities land on the list of Colorado's most dangerous cities or the state's poorest cities, they have been subjects of some pretty harsh words.

Are These The Ugliest Towns in the State of Colorado?

While Colorado gets my vote for the most beautiful state in America, not every town in Colorado is easy on the eyes. Like every state, we have our ugly towns too. Who gets your vote for the ugliest town in the Centennial State? See the top answers so far in the photo gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

Lochbuie: The Ugliest City In Colorado

Travel.Alot.Com says Lochbuie is the ugliest city in Colorado describing it as "flat, it’s gray, and its disturbing lack of flora in the suburbs seems unnatural for Colorado." Scroll through the images below and determine for yourself whether or not Lochbuie deserves the designation of the ugliest city in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Zane Mathews

Residents Say These Are the 25 Ugliest Towns in Colorado

A travel website recently ranked Lochbuie as the ugliest place in Colorado — but you disagreed. See what Colorado towns you think are really the ugliest in the gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Emily Mashak


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