One of the most controversial decisions made by Colorado voters in recent history was the passage of Proposition 114 this past November which gave the go-ahead to reintroduce wolves back to certain parts of the state's wilderness.

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Most of the opposition to the proposal came from residents of more rural areas of Colorado, a segment of the population that would undoubtedly be more prone to attacks.

Now, just over three months after the first wave of wolves were reintroduced, the first official report of depredation from one of these animals has made its way to the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Receives First Report of Depredation From Newly-Reintroduced Wolves

In case you're not familiar, defines 'depredation' as the following:

The act of preying upon or plundering; robbery; ravage.

There is very little information regarding what exactly took place or if any pets, livestock, or humans were badly injured or killed, but the report does specify the area of the state in which the depredation occurred as Grand County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As we can see here, Grand County is located just west of the Continental Divide and encompasses the towns of Winter Park, Granby, and Kremmling.

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With the help of special collars, the Department of Parks and Wildlife actively tracks where the wolves travel and has plans to release an updated map to the general public following the depredation report.

While the report has not been technically confirmed by CPW just yet, if and when it is, it will be the first of its kind to be confirmed since reintroduction began.

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