One thing is true about Coloradans, we love our guns.

A vast majority of gun owners in Colorado use their firearms for hunting, personal protection isn't too far behind.

What makes a weapon "dangerous"? Probably the simple fact that it can do serious bodily harm. However, some weapons don't belong in the public's hands. This could be that they're too dangerous for use by the untrained, or the government deems them not applicable for personal use.

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How Many Gun Owners are in the State of Colorado?

According to our research, about 45% of adult Coloradans say they live in a house that owns guns.

How many guns does that break down to? Well, approximately 25.7 guns per 1,000 residents. Roughly, 150,088 guns. That's a lot of firepower in terms of quantity.

As much as we love our guns in Colorado, we don't hold a match to Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, and West Virginia. These states hold the top five down for gun ownership in the U.S.

Texas holds the top spot for the number of guns owned in a state.

How Many Concealed Permits are There in Colorado?

For those of you who don't know, a concealed permit allows you to carry a gun while it's concealed. Think of under a coat, shirt, or out of plain sight.

In Colorado, you need to be 21 years or older to obtain a concealed carry permit, and you must take and pass a class to get a license.

There are currently around 62,000 people licensed for concealed carry.

Regardless of having a concealed carry permit, the weapons below are completely off-limits to own, and you could face some serious penalties if you're caught with one.

You Can't Own Any of These Dangerous Weapons in Colorado

What weapons are considered "dangerous" and "illegal" in Colorado? Scroll on for a look at some of the illegal and forbidden weapons in the state of Colorado.

10 Things to Know About Hunting Elk in Colorado

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Colorado Towns and Counties That Allow ATVs/OHVs on Their Roads

Off-road vehicles are a popular pastime in Colorado. Some towns even allow them to travel on their roads. There are, however, certain guidelines to follow.

Here's a breakdown of the towns and counties that allow ATVs/OHVs on their roads.

These are just summaries, and you should check the location's individual rules and restrictions before you go.

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