OK, Colorado, let's have a talk about dumping your trash in the desert. While many people will never see it, that doesn't mean that it's something you should do.

Just because you can (not legally, BTW,) doesn't mean you should.

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Reddit user mountain_bound recently shared the below photo showing an abandoned car in the desert near the Bookcliffs north of Grand Junction.

Book Cliffs, Mesa CO. Disrespecting our public lands.
byu/mountain_bound inColorado

Seriously, Though, Too Much Garbage in the Colorado Desert

If you've ever driven into the desert north of Grand Junction and Fruita, you'll definitely see the landscape littered with junk.

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Garbage bags, old furniture, rundown RVs (which may or may not be occupied,) junk cars like the one above, and anything else you can imagine.

This isn't unique to the western desert areas of Grand Junction. Much of the desolate areas of the state see the same blite from unrespectful humans.

Why?! Why do people think this is kosher? We already have places for this much garbage, and they're called dumps. Even then, those are eyesores when you drive by them.

Such is humanity, though. We're a society of buy and throw away. It's what we do. If something breaks, we just trash it and buy a new one. Rinse and repeat until our only home is so cluttered with junk we turn into the Earth represented in Idiocracy.

Help Keep Colorado Clean, It's Not Too Hard

While our landfills are filling up as we speak, it's still the best solution to rid your life of your unwanted trash.

Sure, it costs money to utilize the landfill, but someone needs to pay for the operation. However, if something you unload in the desert is tracked back to you, you will surely be fined, which will probably be more than a dump run.

Also, you can recycle your old vehicles. There are programs in Coloraod that will even come to your house and get that old bucket of bolts. Western Metals Recycling will even pay you for it.

There are other options other than being a piece of garbage human and dumping your trash in the Colorado desert.

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