Springtime in Colorado means the return of mosquitos and outdoor pests. Mosquitos are one of the most dangerous insects on earth because they can carry diseases in their saliva, which can make people sick.

Spring is the time of year when we see the return of what looks like a scary giant mosquito in Colorado. This insect is here to help gobble up mosquitoes, not carry off small children or pets as Mothra does. Keep reading to learn more about Colorado Crane Flies and why you SHOULD NOT kill them.

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Crane Flies in Colorado

Good insects in Colorado
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Most people who have encountered a cranefly have probably mistaken them for a giant mutant mosquito that has come inside to feast on the entire family. Crane Flies are also known as "Skeeter-Eaters" or "Mosquito Hawks." They are not skilled in flight and appear to go in all directions at once.

Crane Flies the Good Guys

While these insects look like giant mosquitoes that float around with a wobble, they are very different. Crane Flies don't do very much besides mate and lay eggs. When crane fly larvae hatch, they often devour mosquito larvae. They help control the population of mosquitoes in the Centennial State. While these insects may look scary, they don't even have mouths, so don't worry about getting a giant mosquito bite. You do not need to squash them with your fly swatter.
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Keeping Crane Flies Outside

Crane flies often go unnoticed until they get inside your living room. They drive pets and people who don't like insects bonkers. They often get squished because they look threatening. Crane Flies are attracted to light, so they like to try to get inside. If you can guide them back outside, they'll go back to taking out mosquitoes for us. Crane Flies are also great bait for fishing if you find one that refuses to go back outside where it came from.

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