Get ready for a few good laughs as we scroll through a list of nicknames that belong to cities and towns in the Centennial State. Some locations have more nicknames than others, while some towns have gone with mottos or deep thoughts (Creede).

Can you remember the motto from your Colorado hometown? Maybe you would rather make up a new one? Scroll on to check out 47 Colorado communities with established or historic nicknames and draw some inspiration.

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Colorado Towns with Unique Nicknames

Can you figure out which towns belong to the following nicknames?

  • Cow Town
  • Home of Mike the Headless Chicken
  • City of Gold Mines
  • The City Above the Clouds
  • The Celery Capital of the World
  • To Hell, You Ride

Keep going to see all 47 nicknames and the places they belong to.

Colorado's Unofficial Nicknames

There are way more than 47 towns in Colorado, and that means there are several unofficial nicknames that are unlisted. If you know of one, open our station app and help us add to the list.

Which Colorado City Has the Most Nicknames?

The city of Denver has had plenty of time to make a name for itself. Several in fact. Nicknames for the city of Denver include Cow Town, Broncoville, The Mile High City, The Queen City of the Plains, The Queen City of the West, and the Wall Street of the West.

Denver leads all towns with six nicknames. Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins all have four different handles. Grand Junction has at least three.

Discover the Clever Nicknames and Mottos of 47 Colorado Towns

Check out a list of Colorado cities with historic nicknames and town mottos. From 'The City of gold mines' to 'Cow Town' here come some of Colorado's most famous hometown tags.

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