April showers may bring May showers to other parts of the country, but in Colorado, April can be the snowiest month all year. For those who love winter, the Centennial State is home to several towns where you can have a snowball fight after Easter Sunday.

Colorado's snowiest April towns average more than twenty inches of snowfall for the month. The biggest snowfall event in Colorado also happened in April, with 75 inches of snow falling in just one day.

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Colorado's Snowiest April Towns

The ski resorts in Colorado's snowiest towns love the extra April snowfall, but ski towns are not the only places where winter comes and goes every couple of days. Colorado's snowiest April town averages 46 inches of snow by the time the calendar reaches the year's fourth month.

Number of Snowy Days

Would you rather have several days with snowfall or just one or two days with a lot of snow at once? Towns such as Climax and Breckenridge average 11 to 13 days of snowfall every April. Towns such as Telluride, Crested Butte, and Silverton average 8 to 10 days of snowfall each April. By comparison, Mesa County averages 4 days of snowfall each April.

The Snowiest April Ever

Colorado's snowiest April ever happened in 1921Silver Lake, Colorado, got 87 inches of snow from April 14th to 15th. While some are skeptical that a weather event like this was meteorologically possible, it's still regarded as Colorado's snowiest April event of all time. It's also accepted as the highest recorded snowfall total in the United States.

10 Colorado Towns That Get The Most Snow In April

The change of season in Colorado happens according to a pretty crazy schedule. It's that time of year when it feels like spring for a couple of days and then winter slams the door again. For those who hate saying goodbye to winter, here are 10 places in Colorado that get the most snowfall annually during April.

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MORE: Colorado Towns Receiving the Most Annual Snow Fall

If you love snow, you'll want to move to one of these Colorado towns.

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