It's one of Colorado's most popular and unique local restaurants, and sadly, the local family who owns and runs it has decided it's time to close the doors and focus on their next adventure. We're truly going to miss it!

Popular Family Run Colorado Restaurant Closing Down For Good

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

From big chains to smaller local spots, there are some really fantastic restaurants around Colorado. Sometimes, even when business is good, you have to decide on if the amount of time and mental stress it takes to run a small business, is worth it.

There are many smaller local businesses and restaurants that hang around for decades, even a century, but sometimes the quality of life to keep those things going for so long, to the level of expectation you set for yourself can be too much.

This is the case with one local, and extremely unique family-owned and-run restaurant in Dacono/Frederick, Colorado. Family first.

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Popular Elf Grill Colorado Restaurant Closing For Good

7 years ago, a small-town gas station was completely transformed into one of the coolest little restaurants in all of Colorado, Elf Grill. While small in size, Elf Grill is huge in personality. From the fantastic food, and some secret family recipes, to the amazing service, Elf is one of a kind and will be missed.

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The Bertram family also announced on their Facebook page that Elf's journey would sadly be coming to a close.

Some asked why they couldn't keep it and let other people run it, but if you've ever been to Elf, you'd know that what made it extra special was that it was the family there running it. Be it Ryan, his wife, kids, parents, or another family member, there was ALWAYS a member of the Bertram family in the main dining area making sure your experience was fantastic. That's not something just anyone can do.

If you've never been to Elf, or you'd like to enjoy it one last time and wish the family well, they'll be open to enjoy until Sunday, June 16th. Thank you for the memories, Elf!

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