Jana Kramer's "babymoon" trip to Florida with her fiancé Allan Russell turned out more tumultuous and painful than planned, the singer shares in an update posted to Instagram on Sunday (Oct. 15).

Kramer had been dealing with "back pain" for weeks before the couple left on their vacation, but she wrote it off as the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. She is currently pregnant with her third child — her first with Russell — a baby boy.

In her post, the singer shared all the details about her hospitalization, but first, she assured fans that her baby-to-be is okay.

"First off and most important, baby is good," Kramer begins her post.

She also included a short video of herself strapped to a fetal monitor, the sound of her baby's heartbeat coming through the monitors.

Kramer also points out that the reason her infection got so bad is because she dismissed her pain in the weeks leading up to the hospitalization.

"So many times (moms especially) just brush off pain because we are the last ones to take care of ourselves," she explains. "When I posted about my back hurting a week ago I just had chalked it up to pregnancy and didn't tell the doctors because back pain is 'normal' so 'don't be a wimp' is what I thought."

Kramer also says she has a history of being a "slight hypochondriac," so when the time came for her and Russell to depart for their "babymoon" trip, she ignored the pain once again. But when their plane landed, the pain was worse that ever — and Kramer was starting to feel sick in other ways — so she and her fiancé checked into the hospital.

"Long story short it was a bad bacterial infection that got into the kidneys. This resulted in a 2-day stay in hospital and antibiotics because I let it get [past] where I should have," Kramer continues. "So. Lesson. Listen to ur body. Ur not a baby or inconveniencing people. If u hurt, talk to ur doctor. Leaving things for too long or not taking care of yourself when ur not feeling good can become very serious."

The singer also had a number of people to thank for helping her get the care she needed. She shouted out "the sweetest" nurses who took care of her at the Florida hospital, as well as the Instagram follower who DM'd her to suggest she might be having kidney issues when she spoke about her back pain online.

She also thanked Russell for giving up his bed at the "beautiful hotel" where they had a room booked in order to sleep "on a pull out chair" in the hospital with her. "Tip...find u a man who doesn't make u feel bad or leave ur side when ur not feeling good," she writes.

Kramer has previously shared that her due date is Dec. 2 — the same day as her 40th birthday — but that she's planning to welcome her baby boy via scheduled C-section a week-and-a-half beforehand.

The singer announced that she and Russell were expecting a child together in June.

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