Back when Kane and Katelyn Brown were expecting their second child, daughter Kodi Jane, they elected not to share the news during Katelyn's pregnancy — instead, they surprised fans with a baby announcement after Kodi was born.

Now, the Brown family is growing once again, and this time, they're being more public about the news. They revealed that they're expecting baby No. 3 with a Christmas-themed social media post over the holidays, and just weeks later, they revealed that the baby-to-be will be a boy — the first son for the couple, after welcoming two daughters.

During a round of fan Q&A on her Instagram Stories, Katelyn fielded a question about why she chose to stay private about her pregnancy with Kodi, and why she made a different decision this time around.

"Because that season of my life I just was craving some privacy and needed that space from the world," Katelyn explains. "And this time I feel content and I don't care as much what people think or say."

After Kodi's birth, Brown said that part of the reason why they kept that pregnancy under wraps was because they'd gotten scooped on big news before.

"I'm not bashing anybody, but last time, I sent a picture to my older brother, and he put it on social media before we announced it," the country singer elaborates during an interview. "So everybody already knew about it, and it was kind of upsetting."


Elsewhere in the fan Q&A, Katelyn revealed that she hopes to homeschool her children, and also shared her thoughts on whether she'd like them to follow in their famous dad's musical footsteps.

"I hope our kids find something that they truly love and are passionate about and I don't care what that is!" she says. "They can be/do whatever they want as long as it makes them happy."


The Browns have a tradition of giving their children names that start with "K" in order to keep the theme of all the members of their family having "KB" initials. Katelyn has confirmed that she and her husband have picked out a name for their son, and that it begins with "K."

Other than that, the couple are staying tight-lipped on what their baby boy's name will be.

'Thank God' for These Adorable Photos of Kane + Katelyn Brown

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn are two peas in a pod! The pair first met in 2016 and have been inseparable ever since. The Browns tied the knot in 2018 and immediately started expanding their family. Their first daughter, Kingsley, was born in 2019, with younger sister Kodi arriving in 2021. Now, the family is expanding again with news of a baby boy coming in 2024!

In addition to a beautiful family, the Browns also share a love of music. In fact, it's how they met: Through mutual friends in the industry. In 2022, the couple released their first duet together. Megahit "Thank God" is an expression of their love and gratitude to one another. It's no wonder the track became a No. 1 hit, leaving fans begging for more collaborations.

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