Jessie James Decker is set to perform during this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, when the floats roll through New York City. And while it may look like it's just her on that platform, she'll have a special guest with her: Her fourth child, who is due in March.

"I think it's cool because even though my baby is not physically here in my arms right now, it's cool," she tells Taste of Country's Adison Haager of why she's excited. "I still consider one of my last videos I did where I was dancing ... Forest was in my belly and it was like our first music video together."

"So I'm excited to, you know, have this experience and this baby will be able to watch back and be like you were in Mommy's tummy during this, you know, you were with us," she adds. "So, it's very cool."

James Decker plans on making her work trip a family trip — the whole clan will be joining her in the Big Apple.

"Me and Eric and the kids, we're all going for the whole week in New York. We're just gonna make it a big family thing," she shares.

She's already picked out a restaurant for the family to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner — or linner as she calls it — after the parade.

The country singer plans on singing "Tangled and Tinsel" during the parade broadcast, which is one of her holiday favorites. And while having her unborn child on stage with her is a blessing, it does make singing a little more difficult.

"The only hard part I will say is when I'm pregnant, I have no breath. Like, my babies are so unbelievable low," she explains. "So, the singing thing can sometimes be a bit of a challenge just because I run out of breath so fast — I run out of breath talking."

"And my voice goes from here and lowers all the way. I get the lowest, deepest voice," she continues. "So that's the only thing that stresses me out a little bit. I have to take a little bit extra care."

James Decker already know which float she will be singing on, but she's not allowed to reveal that information.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast will air on Thursday, Nov. 23, at 9AM ET on NBC.

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