It seems that this is the week of owls. First, owlets in Colorado Springs had to be rescued. Then, those same owlets had to be rescued again. This time, an owl in Longmont had to be rescued by the Longmont Police Department.

The Longmont Fire, Police, and Community Health and Resilience Facebook page say that officers Kaplan and McCarthy got to experience a rare opportunity in assisting an injured owl. The owl had sustained injuries to its legs and was safely captured on Saturday on the southwest side of Longmont.

Rescuing an owl is a hoot. Officer Kaplan and Officer McCarthy had the rare opportunity to assist an injured owl with...

Posted by Longmont Fire, Police and Community Health and Resilience on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The injured owl was transported to Birds of Prey Shelter located in Louisville. The Birds of Prey Foundation has been helping injured birds such as eagles, owls, falcons, hawks, vultures, pelicans, herons and ravens for over 35 years. The injured owl will be treated and observed during the healing process. Once the owl's injures have healed, it will be released in the same area it was found.

What should you do if you happen to come across a large bird of prey that has been injured? The best course of action is to contact a rescue center or a local police or fire communications center to assist the injured animal.

Source: Longmont Fire, Police, and Community Health and Resilience Facebook

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