When I was a kid I saved every penny I had to go to the record store and buy music. There was nothing more enjoyable to me than a day at the record store and then coming home and listening to all my new purchases. I would hold the album cover as I listened and sang along to every word printed on the lyric sheet on the inner sleeve.

I am a grown man now but still get excited on new release day and can't wait to hear new albums. Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer new albums as we seem to only get singles now and don't even buy whole albums even if they are released. We now just buy the songs we know and don't even give the whole piece of work a listen.

We also seem to think that we entitled to have our music for free now. You can always listen to the radio for free and hear it but now we feel we should be able to download whatever we want for nothing. We have YouTube and all these streaming services to listen but nobody is buying anymore. We need to realize the value of the music and the people who make and distribute it. There is a lot of flat out robbery going on and most of us are guilty of it. I work in a business where most people will not pay for music and wait for a record label to send them a copy. I still go out and buy it because I know the value of it and I feel it is more than worth the price. I want to the recording industry to stay alive and well so this beautiful art form called music can live and thrive. There are artists, record labels employees, record reps, songwriters, musicians and many others who rely on the value of the music to make a living. You love music, you listen to music, you need music...BUY music.

Let's make sure the music industry can continue to give us what we all need to help keep us happy and dancing. We can't live without music so do your part to keep it coming and buy some music when you can. Maybe even hit a record store when you see one and show some love and support and if you are in a club and an artist is selling their music after the show...buy one of those too if you liked them. Keep the dreams alive.

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