Saturday was Johnstown BBQ Day! A fun day for whoever went. The day started out with a firemen's breakfast at the firehouse (I slept in), a parade, BBQ in the park and so much more. The one thing that I was most excited about was the fireworks. I love Fireworks! In previous years past, I would always take my big camera out and shoot them. This year it was a little different. I got a drone for Christmas, so I was set on taking aerial footage of the show. That is exactly what I did! Check it out:

I kept a safe distance away from the crowd down the street. Since this was my first time capturing video of fireworks, I wasn't really sure what to expect. After the drone was in the air, it was apparent that I needed to go higher/further back. It was too windy at a higher flight elevation for my comfort, so some of the explosions were cut out halfway through at the top. Oh well, it was certainly a learning experience!

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