This Friday evening is going to be a very special one. We are so honored that our buddy Craig Campbell is going to be in the area and has agreed to do a private New From Nashville show for us at The Boot Grill in Loveland on Friday evening at 5:30 right after work. What a great way to start the weekend!

Our New From Nashville shows are always free to attend but now and then we get an act that is bigger than most and need to give away seats to the show or we would surely break the fire code to pieces....this show is one of those shows.

Craig is burning it up right now with, what I feel, is the best song of his career "Outskirts of Heaven" and is going to pack the place. The only way to get into this show is to win entry from K99. Matt Sparx, Alana Lynn and myself will be giving you many chances to win over the next few days so keep it tuned to K99 for your chance to be in the audience for this special evening with Craig.

You can even win online right here:

See you at The Boot Friday night.