I am a big scary looking dude but I am actually an emotional teddy bear...with a bit of a naughty side. I can take on most things but there are certain things that I will avoid at all cost. I will not battle and will actually run from spiders, snakes, mayonnaise, heights and traveling on I-25.

My whole body tenses up the minute I turn onto I-25, Highway 34 isn't much better anymore either but I-25 takes the cake. I will never ever touch it with my motorcycle but occasionally have to drive on it in my truck. I hate every second I am on there. I feel like I am doing full body crunches the whole time I am on that road. I don't know how people travel on it everyday. I feel sorry for those who have to get stuck out there on the highway from hell. People are so careless and aggressive when they drive anymore and I-25 seems to be the showcase of these attributes.

Am I the only one frightened to death out there on I-25? How do you feel about it? Let me hear from you.

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