Most Colorado residents pay for recycling once a month. At my home in Northern Colorado, my recycling comes every other week.

Sometimes I wish that my recycling could be taken every week. Between Amazon boxes and my Diet Coke addiction, I could certainly benefit from it.

I pay for trash and recycling every month. Thankfully my monthly bill is less than most. Many Coloradans could see their trash and recycling bill reduced thanks to a new bill in the works in Colorado.

New Colorado Recycling Program


CBS reports that there is a new program that will alleviate costs for Coloradans who pay for trash and recycling. The bill that brought this program to life is called the Producer Responsibility Program.

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The bill known as HB 22-1355 will have companies that sell items that require packaging to pay for recycling for residents across Colorado.

The responsibility will no longer be on the consumers. The responsibility to pay for recycling will be for companies who sell products and goods.

The bill was officially passed two years ago but will be implemented very soon.

Does Coloradans Recycle Often?

We have room for improvement when it comes to recycling. Colorado ranked 33rd in terms of recycled goods per capita.


Coloradans are best at recycling cardboard and we struggle to recycle plastic bottles.

Who Will Benefit From Colorado Recycling Program


The program will be a slow rollout and will take some time. Colorado residents who recycle with curbside pick-up will benefit from the program as well as residents who recycle in apartments and shared units.

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