I have no problem admitting that I am a very spiritual person. I believe we have not come near to tapping into what the mind and the elements of this earth can do. I am one who spends a lot of time in self meditation and thought and spend a lot of time talking to God as a friend. I am a not a churchy person but I do have my own relationship with a higher power, I just don't feel the need to go to a building to feel it. I have my own ways and it works for me.

The one thing that constantly blows my mind is how different people always seem to know when I am in need of them and then they suddenly show up in some fashion. I am convinced I am being watched over and helped by a choir of guardian angels in all shapes and sizes. Earlier this week I was in a major funk. I was questioning my career, many of my choices and what direction I was supposed to go in. I asked for some guidance and, as usual, I got my sign.

Usually when I am in that situation I will suddenly get a call from my dad, who seems to sense when I need a call or some words. I have had my friend Scott, The Critter Gitter, show up or call when I didn't ask but somehow he knew I needed him. Todd and Susan have been my angels countless times and have been used to help guide and heal me. This time it came in the mailbox from my friend Dave from North Dakota. I mentioned earlier the funk I was in. I was nearly in tears and really struggling with things when I strolled out to get the mail. There was a package from Dave. I opened it to find a book on backyard bird watching which he knew my wife loved to do. That kindness just touched me and I started to smile. I then saw a little wad of plastic taped up and inside was a black tourmaline bracelet. This is a stone that is supposed to help keep negative energy away from you. I used to wear one but lost so much weight that it didn't fit anymore. Dave knew that and ordered me a new one. That gesture lit me up, filled my heart and cleared my mind. I was healed from a gift from a friend. It was so nice to be thought of.

It doesn't take a lot to make someone's day and you may have no idea how bad they need it. If doing something kind for someone pops into your head...do it. You may be being directed to do more than you ever imagined. Thanks Dave....you made my day and then some.

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