A day isn't compleat without bacon, and with bacon being found in more and more food dishes, where do you think Colorado ranks when it comes to our love of bacon? Over the past few years, bacon has become the biggest trend in food. Jumping off the breakfast menu, to every other dish and meal you can think of. Bacon can now be found on cupcakes, on a stick, and milkshakes just to name a few.

A website, Ginnys.com, analyzed over 33,000 photos on social media to discover, what states have the most and least amount of love for the culinary delight. Topping the list was Nebraska, posting 132% more photos of bacon than the national average. Coming in last was Hawaii, posting 48% less than the national average, coming as a surprise to me, since a "Hawaiian pizza" is known for having pineapple and bacon. Maybe they just don't like posting pictures of stereotypical food.

Colorado ranked as one of the states that likes to share their love for bacon. Posting 61% more pictures of bacon to social media. As much as our state is known for "being healthy," you can't deny that we also love our guilty pleasure food.

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