Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin just announced the launch of a new lipstick line available in September, in which each tube is listed at $90 each retail. The line comes in 38 shades like "Diva" and "You You," and though pricey, the tubes can be turned into a necklace.

I'm thinking that, no matter how "multifunctional" these lipstick tubes are, $90 is way too expensive. At that price point, you may as well just have the lipstick tattooed onto your face.

This got me thinking - how much are you willing to pay for makeup? I spend about $300 on makeup and/or skin care at once, up to twice per year. This is because I get my 50% discount as a Mary Kay "consultant" (I don't actually sell it, I just joined so I could get the discount). That's a lot, yes, but I end up giving away a some of that product as birthday or Christmas presents.

How much do you spend on makeup at once? Is $90 for a tube of lipstick ridiculous or totally worth it? Email me or tweet me @mollieonair.

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