I have no problem admitting I am a very spiritual person. I am not a churchy person but I sure have a connection and relationship with a greater being whom I speak to daily. We are free to believe in whatever we choose and I respect that to the ends of the earth. I am one who turns to prayer and just throws my thoughts and worries out there and open myself up to receive the answers or direction. This may not be the answer for everyone but it is for me. I have learned how to pay attention and trust my inner feelings. Being wide open spiritually can lead to really cool feelings, like the one that happened yesterday.

I had thrown my worries up and opened my mind to receive whatever may be sent my way. I needed something but didn't know for sure what it was. As I was sitting here with Todd and Susan doing our show, I hear a knock at the studio door and there was my buddy Scott. Scott said he was driving by and something told him he needed to stop by and just give me hug. I hadn't spoken to him in awhile but somehow he knew exactly what I needed at that moment. That embrace said so much to me and filled me with a feeling that I was searching for and needed. He had no idea why he was supposed to stop but was open enough to feel it and be moved to act on it. We are all given signs and offered help but may be too 'closed' to receive it. I know I have a choir of angels watching over me and they show up when I need them if I am not too steeped in anger or cloudy to feel and see it, they are there to help. My night was capped off in an even more special way when Scott's son called me and said he just wanted to say a prayer to me to help watch over me. You cannot buy that kind of feeling. I am so blessed to have living breathing angels in my life and you have been one of those a time or two whether you know it or not.

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