If the world were normal again, we'd be well into the NBA Playoffs. But the world isn't normal, and the 2020-21 season wont end officially, until Sunday, with the playoffs starting May 22nd. A lot of teams have already punched their tickets for the Playoffs with the Jazz leading the way, followed by a very scrappy Nuggets team in the division.

The biggest, most glaring issue that the Nuggets have this post season is Jamal Murray's ACL injury. With that said, Nikola Jokic has played so well all season, that it wasn't all on Murray this year like last. Jokic says he's not worried about the MVP race, which he shouldn't, he's been the best this year. He probably still wont win it, because of NBA politics, which might lead to that decision.


In the last 10 games, the Nuggets are 6-4, which isn't bad. You have to wonder where they would be if Murray were in the lineup. We can appreciate that the play in tournament wont include Denver, so they'll have time to get ready for what comes first May 22nd.


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