I am always an open book with you. That is the kind of relationship we have always had so I don't mind sharing my struggles with you. Yesterday I felt the power of pets and their love and healing more than I ever have in my life. I think my dog saved me yesterday.

I was having a very tough time yesterday dealing with some things emotionally. I was a bit of a wreck and my wife was camping in the mountains so I really had no one to turn to or talk to in person. My dog Dante sensed my feelings and would not leave my side. That dog held me, put his head on my lap and would climb up and look me right in the eye and then put his paws around my neck and just breathe with me. He would not let me be alone. He was at my side every step I took and would not stop letting me know he loved me. How did he know how much I needed him? How did he sense my emotion? I have human friends who could be right there beside me and not know I need them but that dog knew exactly how bad I needed that love. He became my best friend yesterday. He is not of this world. There was something unexplainable working in that animal. No words were said but he told me so much that I needed to hear. Thank you buddy. What a dog and friend you are. You get extra cookies today.

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