The Colorado Department of Transportation says Highway 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon is scheduled to re-open before Memorial Day 2017.

Kiewit Infrastructure Co. was able to complete parts of the first phase of construction faster than anticipated. This has allowed them to start an additional rock cut and begin bridge construction at the Horseshoe curve during this winter’s full closure, but there is a still a lot of work to go after the canyon opens.

On Oct. 17, 2016, the canyon closed to all through-traffic in order to maintain public safety during heavy rock blasting work. Since then, noticeable progress has been made, allowing for work originally scheduled for later this year to begin early. Kiewit has blasted approximately 180,000 cubic yards of rock and hauled over 225,000 cubic yards – for comparison that’s the equivalent volume of 15,000 concrete mixer trucks – of  material, since closing the highway.

Just prior to the Memorial Day weekend, US 34 will open for everyone to travel, and the project team is committed to keeping the canyon open for travel this summer. The canyon remains closed to through-traffic until then. The businesses in the canyon remain open.

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