And you might want to create an account you don't share with anyone else.

Isn't e-commerce a wonderful thing? It's a great way to sell your product. You can start a business in your garage and sell to anyone across the globe. You can also buy things with the click of a button and they arrive on your doorstep a few days later, or even one day later if it's Amazon. It's so easy and it feels like you're not actually spending any money, even though you are.

And now you can see just how much of your dollars have gone to products on Amazon.

Recently a friend of mine posted about downloading your Amazon purchase report. I had never seen this before, but apparently you can find the option to download this report under the "Ordering and Shipping Preferences" of your account. The information includes what you've purchased over time and you can even see how much money you've spent on Amazon.

I'm not a big Amazon user, but I can imagine this number could be alarming for some.

Again, when you shop online it feels like you are spending Monopoly money. However, budgets are a very real thing and perhaps Amazon or other e-commerce sites are breaking that budget. You could certainly use this tool to monitor your spending and help you determine where and how you can make some cutbacks.

Also, you probably should log out of Amazon on any devices hanging around the house.

Since we've seen people hiding their online purchases from their spouses and even asking delivery drivers to help them, you definitely don't want this information lying around for them to see. I can picture you coming home from work and you find your spouse sitting at the kitchen table waiting for you with the iPad open on the tabletop. It would be like an intervention and you just handed them all of the tools they needed to defend their argument. You might also want to consider having your own Amazon account rather than a joint one.

Either way, use this Amazon purchase report option wisely and remember that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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