Last weekend I was driving my family through Denver, ironically to escape the crowds for some outdoor adventure - which we did eventually accomplish that day.

But not before, out of nowhere, a semi truck swerved from the right lane of southbound traffic, all the way over to catch a left exit to go east out of Denver - something I had never imagined I would see in my lifetime, let alone have happen to me.  Four or five vehicles, including ours, had to stomp on the brakes, veer off the road, and well... hopefully not hit each other, or worse yet, slam into the semi that was now crossing the road just feet in front of us.

Miraculously, that ended as well as you could ever imagine.  We called in that driver, and we hope others did too.  I believe, no matter the circumstances, that guy probably shouldn't ever be allowed to drive a semi again, as he very well could've ended several families with one ill-advised swoop of his arm.

Maybe five minutes after that was over, I had to veer almost completely out of my lane because some jackass was texting at the wheel.  Then, it happened again with another driver before I was out of Denver.

At this point, I wanted to turn around, go home, and stay there forever.  But, when you're challenged like that, you know you are going to get there no matter what!!!

This is the most dangerous time in history to be in or near a vehicle.  The simple combination of added population with practically unlimited distractions thrown at us from over a dozen simultaneously available technological devices designed to make our lives easier (right after they make someone else a little richer) has increased the likelihood of a car crash more than anyone really cares to think about - but we need to.   Guys, we have to re-claim something called personal responsibility - and this is just one fine example.

So, is it just Colorado where all this unspeakable stupidity is so rampant?  Honestly, it seems like we probably deserve the blue ribbon for 1st prize on this.

Wallethub just ranked American cities from best to worst in terms of driving.  The factors they included in their findings?

  • Average gas prices
  • Average annual hours of traffic delays
  • Auto repair shops per capita.

Tip:  One of those three things can be controlled by not being a complete imbecile on the roadways.  If you don't know which one, please call the radio station, and we'll tell you.

I'll just cut to the chase here:  Out of 100 cities, with #1 being best driving experience, Denver ranked #84.  (Colorado Springs ranked 44.)  Fort Collins is probably too small to show up, but since so many people commute everywhere here, I think we get the idea here in Northern Colorado:  We need to step up our game, and fast.

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