Remember the days of microwave ramen, forgetting your keys when you go to the shower, and sleeping five feet away from a stranger every night? I sure don't miss it, but these are the best places in Colorado to gain the 'freshman 15.' 

According to Niche, the '2018 Best College Dorms ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews,' using info like how safe and clean the dorms are, and the cost and available amenities.

The best dorm in Colorado goes to Colorado Christian University, earning an 'A' in accommodations, but University of Northern Colorado did alright at #5 in the state with an 'A-.'

Colorado State earned a 'B' and was #9 out of 17. I lived in Corbett Hall at CSU for a semester, and I'd give it a 'B.' Definitely safe; I got locked out all the time.

You can see the full list from Niche here.

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