Despite the risk of sounding old, I'll admit it — I don't understand the Gen Z style.

I'm a young-ish millennial, and I grew up wearing skinny jeans, flowy tops, and boots. I don't claim to be a fashion mogul, but I thought I dressed pretty on-trend.

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Until now, that is.

Today, I see kids pairing baggy jeans with chunky tennis shoes and scrunchies — they're even into a TikTok style called "coastal grandmother," a trend that Glamour describes as floppy hats, knitted sweaters, khaki pants, and "a full glass of Sauvignon Blanc."

I don't think this trend sounds terrible (I love cozy sweaters and a glass of wine), but the idea got me thinking about what Colorado's TikTok style would be.

I know that style in the Centennial State varies by age and region. You probably won't find people in Sterling sporting the same thing as college students in Fort Collins.

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So, for the purpose of this exercise, I am going to go with the stereotypical Colorado style — which, and forgive me for saying this if it doesn't apply to you, I think is kind of granola.

You might hate it. You might not. But it will sure be fun to explore. And who knows? Maybe "Colorado style" will become the next TikTok trend.

Bye, Coastal Grandmother: These Colorado Styles Just Might Be Better

Dressing like a "coastal grandmother," also known as wearing floppy hats, sweaters, and khaki pants, is a trend on TikTok. Here's what "Colorado Style" might look like if it started trending.

"Coastal Grandmother" isn't the only style trending on TikTok. "Pearlcore," which is exactly what it sounds like, is also in. See your favorite celebrities rocking the pearlcore trend in the gallery below.

Celebrities Wearing the Pearlcore Trend

Below, check out some of the biggest stars rocking the pearlcore trend.


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