Now this is an exam we could all stand to take.

Imagine walking into a college classroom and finding out you have an exam. At least one of you would probably walk right back out, but the majority of you may start to sweat a little wondering if you know the material. Right when you are just about to panic and bolt like that one guy, the professor tells you that this exam is open-book and open-device. This means you can use any resource you have to answer the questions. You start to relax as the papers are passed around.

But this isn't any normal exam.

The first question asks you to name three people you are thankful for. You skim the rest of the questions and find that they are all about gratitude and kindness, both for you and for others. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

That's what happened recently at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Patterson gave her Health 331 students an exam they would never forget. Not only were they asked to list people they're thankful for, they were also asked to identify their favorite thing about themselves, give themselves a compliment, and celebrate the ways they have grown during the semester. She concluded the exam with a heartfelt note telling students that she was thankful for them, gave them some advice on their college years as well as life, and finished reminding them that her door is always open.


This is a professor who truly cares about her students. It's not just about grades or a degree. It's about preparing these students for the world. We all need to be equipped with gratitude, kindness, and a support system. Well done, Dr. Patterson.

See the exam below...

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