Have you ever licked your cell phone? Be honest. I can honestly say I have. I had some sticky goo that I was hoping was syrup on my phone and I licked it off. I am not convinced it was syrup but it did come off. I felt ashamed realizing I had just frenched my phone.

I was reading this morning that a cell phone has ten times more bacteria on it than a public toilet. I would have been better off licking a toilet seat than my phone. That is rather disturbing to me.  I think we are afraid to clean phones because we think we might mess them up. Don't be afraid, clean it. There are special wipes you can get just for electronic equipment that are even more effective than a human tongue. Your TV remote is another cesspool of bacteria. You may want to wipe that one down too before you are tempted to lick it clean.

I cannot be the only human who has done this. Please tell me I am not alone. Tell the truth. I won't tell anyone.  Have you licked your phone?

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