You may not know her, but this singer, actress and fashion designer pushed the envelope at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards show. Rhianna, arrives practically naked at the awards show. Have we gone too far in what is acceptable in today's world. Last night many showed up to celebrate fashion at the CFDA awards. Forget that it was a fashion awards show, is arriving practically naked really fashion? Do you think that this entertainer is exploiting the human body and sending bad messages to our daughters? Don't forget, this is the same person who made headlines after she was beaten by her boyfriend only to take him back. You may not know who she is, but chances are, your kids do. Is this the message we want to send, dress in see through clothes and put up with domestic violence?

Domestic violence affects one in every four women. It is one of the most unreported crimes in America. And presents a ripple effect in future generations.

Colorado was the first state to allow women to vote in 1893 and women have been fighting for numerous rights of equality and beyond since 1848. However, being able to be nude in public has really never been something women have fought for, in my opinion, this 'accepted behavior' sets women backwards in this age-old fight for equality.

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