Let the celebrating begin. It is party week in my household. Today is my wife Kyla's birthday! We started the party on Wednesday night with a nice dinner with our dear friends Bob and Susan and now tonight it is family party time. My son and his clan will come join us as we celebrate the birth of the most wonderful woman, aside my mother, who has ever lived...my bride Kyla.

Not only is today Kyla's birthday but on Wednesday we will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. Those things don't happen a lot in this day and age but I am lucky to have found my perfect match in high school and never let her go. I used to make out with her in the cooler at Hardee's where we both worked in high school. It is such a blessing to love someone more and more each day and I truly do feel that way about my wife. My appreciation and respect for her keeps growing daily. She is the most supportive,caring and loving wife, mother, grandmother or friend anyone could have. My little German girl still melts my heart.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

I hope to make a wonderful day for her today and we will head to Las Vegas for a couple of nights next week to celebrate our anniversary. We are going to see David Copperfield at the MGM in Vegas the night of our anniversary. We have front table seats and I am hoping my wife hasn't made a birthday wish of making me disappear. David could pull it off.

Happy birthday and an early happy anniversary Kyla. Thank you for all you are and all you do. You are loved.

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