I'm a huge advocate for shopping locally, and Smokestack Pottery and Wool Hat in Old Town Fort Collins will be making it easier for us to do this holiday season.

Getty Images/Ron Chapple Studios/ThinkStock

I rarely buy any furniture new because flipping second-hand finds is one of my favorite things to do, and looking at what Wool Hat has in store is an inspiration. They're joining Smokestack Pottery this weekend (Friday, December 4 - Sunday, December 6) for a 'Gifty Gathering' of handmade pottery and 'local delights.'

When is comes to supporting local businesses, I'm also pretty fond of  Blue Harvest, run by two sisters who also own Starry Night, Find of the Day for great second-hand picks, Topo Designs (all made in USA) and Akinz, because the owner knits the hats herself -KNITTERS UNITE - and they support local music.

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