If you opened your door on your way to wherever you're heading today, you probably had some resistance. No, not from a child that doesn't want to go to school today, a dog that wants you to stay home with them forever, or even a spouse that needs you to take the trash out. The resistance is something Wyomingites deal with what feels like 80 percent of the year. That resistance is Wyoming wind!

Now, today isn't as windy of a day as we've had in the past week or month, even. But, it's still somewhat of a hassle if you're trying to carry groceries or walk into someone's business with automatic doors. I don't care how much we want to pretend that we're used to it and call it a "Wyoming Breeze," it's still not fun.

A Wyomingite on Tiktok that's totally worth the follow, if you're into that form of social media, named @realseancurtis, created a video showing the trials and tribulations of dealing with the Wyoming Wind. He didn't call it that; I figured I'd jazz it up a bit, but you get the idea.

Here, check out the video for yourself.

I love that he has a header for this that says, "Don't move here. It's too scary". I love that he said that, but no one will listen.

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The best part of the video is his door shutting on him as he's trying to open it. That's me 3/4 of the year trying to open the door to my Jeep with my hands full. It's almost too real.

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