How windy was it on New Year's Day in southeast Wyoming? One 97-mile-per-hour gust was strong enough to classify as a category 2 hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center rates tropical storms with wind speeds between 96 to 110 miles per hour as a category 2 hurricane, strong enough to uproot trees, snap power lines and inflict major damage for most structures.

Luckily, the category 2 hurricane-force winds were recorded in the foothills southwest of Cheyenne, according to the National Weather Service. Another 95 mile-per-hour gust was reported outside of Laramie, just under the threshold for a category 2 hurricane.

Two Wyoming towns also experienced category 1 hurricane-force winds, producing gusts between 74 and 95 miles per hour. The town of Bordeaux in Platte County recorded an 81 miles per hour gust and Buford peaked with a maximum wind speed of 76 miles per hour.


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