Now that's what you call a Grub Flub.

According to The Coloradoan, Grubhub, a popular food delivery app, is adding Fort Collins restaurants to its delivery service without their knowledge.

Steven Sorensen, general manager of The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm, learned that his restaurant was on the app when a customer attempted to use it for a delivery.

"Our food is not designed for that app," said Sorensen. "It's designed to be enjoyed immediately at the restaurant."

A similar situation happened to Ty Fulcher, co-owner of Union. His restaurant has appeared on Grubhub (and its competitor, DoorDash) without his permisison.

Kate Cooper is facing the same plight at Ginger and Baker, where she is the director of marketing.

Grubhub also put the restaurant on their app without consent. They even used an old menu, so confused customers began asking for food that was no longer available.

Grubhub did remove Ginger and Baker from its app when asked, noting that restaurants that do not wish to be apart of it must contact them.

However, the company will not stop adding restaurants without permission.

In order to keep up with competitors, Grubhub strives to provide delivery from as many restaurants as possible...even if the restaurant doesn't want it.

"We still firmly believe this is the right way to build the marketplace and the only way to drive long-term value for diners, restaurants, and drivers," said the company. "...other food delivery companies have chosen to list non-partnered restaurants on their marketplaces for years to widen their supply of restaurants."

Not all food delivery apps choose to do this, though.

NoCo Nosh, a local Fort Collins company, will not include any restaurants on the app that are not a part of its large network, which currently features 120 eateries.

"Because we are owned by restaurants, we are charged with having more ethical practices because NoCo Nosh was formed in response to unethical...practices," said owner Michael Atkinson.

This understanding of the restaurant culture, as well as their customer base, is what allows the company to include so many restaurants on their app...with permission.

To view a complete list of all the restaurants that NoCo Nosh delivers for, click here.

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