There have been a lot of great places to eat come and go from Greeley in the 25 years I have lived there. Here is a list of my Top 5 Greeley’s most missed eating places.

  • Outback Steakhouse/Facebook
    Outback Steakhouse/Facebook

    Outback Steakhouse

    Outback Steakhouse- the Outback used to be on 34 bypass and 47th then one day in 2007 they abruptly closed the doors and shocked the city. I used to love to go out for the Bloomin’ Onion and Kookaburra wings. I haven’t had a shrimp thrown on the Barbie since 07. Very sad, no other restaurants enjoy my fake Australian accent.

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    Round The Corner

    Round The Corner- 26th ave and 11th st in Greeley used to be the home of the very first place I ever went out to eat when we moved here. The chicken sandwich with shredded cheddar cheese was my favorite. I loved sitting in a booth and ordering with the tableside phone. They had great burgers and had those delicious malts and shakes where you always were brought a refill in the big metal cup.

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    The Smiling Moose

    The Smiling Moose-formally located at 25th and 11th ave was the place to get a yard of brew and some darn tasty wings and burgers. I had a buddy who averaged at least 3 yards a carry. Always a fun atmosphere and great food. I miss my moose!

  • Google Earth
    Google Earth

    Potato Brumbaugh's

    Potato Brumbaugh's was at 2400 west 17th. This was the place you took out of town guests when they came to visit. Unique fine dining was the niche. Some of the best soups were dished up there. An odd looking building with stairs you walked down and ended up in a culinary pleasure dome. The former owner is now running the Roadkill in Greeley but nothing has come close to replacing Brumbaugh's

  • Virtual Tourist/Kymbanm
    Virtual Tourist/Kymbanm

    Bubba’s Bar B Que

    Bubba’s Bar B Que-36th and 10th street in Greeley was the home of my favorite place to eat. Bubba’s was made famous by the same folks who have now made Nordy’s a legend in northern Colorado. This was the place for mouth watering meats, killer salad bar, deep fried corn nuggets and for breakfast, they had biscuits the size of a teenagers head. A few other BBQ places had come and gone in Greeley but there has been a huge void in my stomach since Bubba’s left…and yes that is a void in my stomach.

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