Aven Mondy for Whom the Playground is Named
Courtesy of City of Greeley

Greeley is set to open a new playground. Construction on Aven’s Village at Island Grove Regional Park is almost complete.

On Saturday, October 15, at 10 a.m., the City of Greeley Culture, Parks and Recreation Department will host a public opening and dedication for Aven’s Village—a long anticipated all-inclusive playground that was built in part with city funding as well as community and private donors.  The opening event happens, rain or shine.

Although there are other accessible playgrounds in Greeley, this is the City’s first all-inclusive playground. The playground has an “Old West” and agricultural theme.

An Accessible Versus an All-Inclusive Playground

An accessible playground simply means that it’s fairly easy for a person with mobility-related challenges to access and move through the playground. It might have lower monkey bars or high back seat swings with belts.


An all-inclusive playground—such as Aven’s Village—is different in that it is geared toward people of all ages and abilities and seeks to encourage and engage visitors with each other. It includes a mix of sensory, social and physical activities and allows for people of various levels of ability to experience similar equipment side-by-side. For instance, a zip line at the new playground allows for a child who uses a wheelchair to zip at the same time and next to a child who doesn’t use one.

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