Have you ever wondered how busy the Greeley Police Department is on any given week? Well, now we don't have to wonder as the Greeley Police Department has opted to release information on a weekly basis as to the calls, arrests, citations, and traffic stops that are made.

Between August 12 through August 18, Greeley Police responded to 2,239 calls for service. The infographic posted on the Greeley Police Department Facebook page also shows the number of arrests for felonies, misdemeanors, warrants, etc. that occurred that week also.

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According to the infographic here are the totals for the Greeley Police Department from August 12 to August 18:

  • 2,239 calls for service.
  • 42 felony arrests.
  • 61 misdemeanor arrests.
  • 34 warrant arrests.
  • 25 traffic accidents
  • 5 DUI arrests
  • 541 traffic stops
  • 391 traffic citations issued
  • 99 neighborhood patrols

With a total of 541 traffic stops initiated by a Greeley police officer, 391 traffic citations were issued. Neighborhood patrols consisted of Greeley police officers informing dispatch they would be in a certain area such as a business, school, city park, specific street, and more to act as an extra patrol for crime deterrent.

The Greeley Police Department shared this information via Facebook. Stating "we are proud to serve the citizens and businesses of Greeley. Our home is that this sheds a little light on the amount of work we do to protect our community and the fine folk that make it up."

This information will be available on a weekly basis every Friday. The Greeley Police Department wants to call the weekly numbers something catchy and so far they have come up with "Friday Figures". However, if you think you have another name that would be more fitting, the Greeley Police Department said they are open to suggestions.

Source: Greeley Police Department Facebook 

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