The weather is warming up and slithery snakes are coming out of hiding. Rattlesnakes are common in Colorado and we have all learned to live safely in harmony with them— most of the time.

During this time of year, you might have an encounter with the most common rattlesnake in our area, which is the Western/Prairie rattlesnake. Be sure to maintain a safe distance from these venomous snakes or you might get bit.

Correction - the snake is a bull snake, not a rattlesnake. 

The Greeley Police Department recently had an encounter with a bull snake and it made for a pretty cool photo opportunity. Check out the photo of a Greeley Police Department Cruiser "posing" with a bull snake crossing the road.

According to Facebook users, this is a bull snake and not a rattlesnake. I'm not really sure that I would want to encounter either.

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