CSU vs Wichita St. in Men's Basketball
Jenny Harding, For TSM

My wife and I went to the CSU men's basketball game over the weekend. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We had a blast, despite a Rams loss.

The game was very entertaining until the Shockers pulled away in the last 5 minutes. CSU's cheer squads are awesome. I think every cheerleader can do a back flip. It's fun to see how the fans get into the game by dressing up, painting their bodies and and getting crazy.

I just wish CSU fans would show up to support the Rams.  They have a good basketball team and they were playing a good team on Saturday and the arena wasn't even full. That is disappointing.

What didn't expect was to see was a giant paper head of Colorado State President, Tony Frank, floating through the crowd. When I saw what is in the picture above, I almost shot pop out of my nose. It made me laugh out loud. What it shows is how much the students at CSU love their President. Honestly, that is pretty rare. I don't remember any giant pictures of CU President Bruce Benson in the crowd at Buffs football games, but I could be wrong.

A big thank you to my lovely wife, Jenny, for capturing some of our favorite moments on Saturday with her camera.

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