I'm being completely serious when I tell you that ghost hunters believe a chandelier in Cheyenne is possessed. Try not to laugh. There's even video to prove their point.

Haunting Across America YouTube channel shared this short but sweet video of the alleged chandelier haunting. According to their description, it starts and stops on its own. Here's what they had to say about the location and circumstances:

This is a little taste of what we caught while investigating the Knights of Pythias building in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming.

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They claim the chandelier "has a mind of its own". Watch and see if you agree.

These investigators aren't alone in thinking something weird is happening in the Knights of Pythias building. Haunted Places has more backstory about this creepy place:

A coffin was located under the floor beneath a hidden trap door, and ever since it was unearthed, there have been many reports of ghostly activity. Staff have reported cold spots, arguing voices, disembodied footsteps and an unseen presence which has been known to brush past people in the hallways.

They also report that apparitions standing at the top of stairways and then disappearing are regular occurrences. I hate it when ghosts do that.

Is it haunted? I have no idea. Does it have a weird chandelier? You can put a large check in that box.

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