Northern Colorado received its first frost of the season which means winter is coming up.

While we often think about getting our homes ready for the upcoming winter, sometimes we don't think about getting our cars ready.

Here are a few ways to winterize your car:

1. Install Winter Wipers. Seeing the road is a pretty big component to winter driving. Winter wipers come equipped with rubber that will keep the ice from gathering on the blades. They're also a bit heavier.

2. Bald is beautiful, except when your tires are bald. Your car needs good shoes to navigate the snowy, icy roads.

3. Keep your washer fluid topped off. If you're like me, and the slush regularly finds a home right in your line of sight, then you're using the wiper fluid a lot during the winter months.

4. Make sure your vehicle is serviced regularly. We have a tendency only to take our car in when something is wrong, but there's nothing that says preventive maintenance is a bad thing. Batteries, Antifreeze, maintaining proper tire pressure, window defrosters, all super important to have working while you tackle the winter roads.

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