The Colorado Department of Transportation will be adding a new method to combating icy roads this winter, a salt brine.

The brine is put on roads before a storm hits. It uses all-natural ingredients salt, water, and an anti-corrosion additive.

CDOT says it’s a preventative measure, so it’s placed on the roads before a storm hits. The brine includes three all-natural ingredients, salt, water and an anti-corrosion additive.

The method of using magnesium chloride will still be used, but the new brine will be in addition to the old way. The mixture is cheaper than other methods and will help to prevent flash freezing which happens during the nighttime commute.

Other states are using the brine and are seeing positive results. Still, CDOT warns the brine and magnesium chloride can corrode the metal on your car so make sure you are getting washed as you are able.

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