If you've made it this far chances are you owe, right? Well today take a little back.

Tax Food

There are a few places today that will offer free food items, reduced priced food items or buy one get one deals. Here I will lay out a few of them. Some won't advertise, so if you run across one please toggle down to the comment section and let us know. we can all use a break.

Tax day food bargains

  • Might as well start with McDonalds, right?! Here's a Mac Daddy deal... buy a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder and get another for One Penny, that's 1 Cent-See a Penny pick it, it's lunch time.
  • Sonic; now that's refreshing...  it's Happy Hour all day... yep, half priced drinks and slushies all day.
  • PF Changs, that's right... put on the yum bib... place your order for pick up online and get 15% off all day, but only on Tax Day (April 17, 2012)
  • Mimi's Cafe is said to be offering a free lunch with the purchase of another plus two drinks. For this you'll need a coupon, click here.
  • There's a dollar off coupon for a $10 purchase at Boston Market, click here.
  • Hooters has 20 wings for $9.99 all day... need I say more?
  • Charley's is getting all modern this Tax Day... text them 69529 and you could receive a coupon for free fries and a drink or even cash prizes.
  • Panda Express... they are giving away the farm, so to speak... in a promotion for their new Shanghai Angus Steak you'll get to taste it for free, no purchase necessary, but you will need to print this coupon.  (click here)

Tax day only comes once a year, thank goodness... with that said, enjoy your food deals and may you come out on top in this Tax Day game.

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