When it comes to bang for your tax bucks, Colorado is sitting pretty.

Taxes are a complete drag, right? You work so hard to put food on the table, but the man wants his cut. Before you even get your money, a big piece has already been taken out.

However, that money is supposed to make things better around us. Taxes are spent on schools, roads, hospitals, emergency services, water, etc. This begs the question, "What kind of returns on investment are we getting?" After all, when you think about it, taxes are an (involuntary) investment in the place we live.

WalletHub recently put together a list of 2019's States with the Best & Worst Taxpayer ROI. They looked specifically at the categories of education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. States received ranks in "Total Taxes Paid per Capita" and "Overall Government Services." Those ranks combined determined which states have the best return on investment.

Colorado is sitting pretty at number five.

This basically means that the taxes that we are paying are going to work for us a little better than in other states. More importantly, we can probably see those tax dollars are work. The only states to beat us out were New Hampshire (1), South Dakota (2), Florida (3), and Virginia (4).

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