Wow! Last week was crazy.

I started hosting mid-days at K99 last Wednesday, and let me tell you, it was one of the best yet scariest weeks I've ever had. Career transitions, or any life transition, are pretty overwhelming - you have to change up your daily routine, learn a million names with which you have to try to match faces, and perhaps your day-to-day duties are slightly different. I'm sure you've experienced the same anxiety on some level at some point in your life.

But not all change is so terrible, right? Right. Change can be amazing, and your happiness should always be top priority. This, I can with the utmost confidence, has been the best change I've made in a long time. Brian, Todd, Susan, Charley, and the K99 staff have all welcomed me with open arms. And you know the greatest part? You have been so welcoming and kind to me during this change. Thank you!

Now, before this turns into a therapy session, I'll throw some random facts about me your way so that you and I can get to know one another (no, I did not copy and paste that from my OKCupid profile).

I'm a native Coloradan and absolutely love living here. I am from and currently reside in Fort Collins. Growing up, I competed in figure skating and synchronized skating, and went Geocaching with my family on the weekends. About 5 years ago, I moved to Orlando, Florida, to study music business at Full Sail University. I moved back to Colorado after graduating in Spring 2013.


I'm the mother of the sweetest little dog child one could ever ask for. Jaq Jaq (above) is 4-year-old brindle chihuahua and he is my world! He found me when I was living in Orlando and now he lives with me here in Northern Colorado with my rescue dog I call Monkie (his real name is Baxter).


I love creating art. I've dabbled in several different mediums - sculpture, drawing, painting, you name it. I was one of those artistic kids. What I'm most into at the moment is integrating hardware into jewelry making. For example, I'm obsessed with braiding hex nuts into leather cord (pictured). Isn't that cool? I'll have to create a tutorial so you can make your own.

Diet Coke is my soulmate. I've always been a Coca-Cola fan and, even though I know it's "bad for me," I drink a lot of Diet Coke. By "a lot" I mean one day I drank 4 liters at work. 

So that's a little bit about me, but I'd love to hear more about you! Feel free to email me or tweet at me @mollieonair.

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