OK, which one do you hate more: potholes, or slow-moving traffic?

I will say, while one-lane traffic is annoying, it doesn't usually offer threats of damage to my car like potholes do, so I'll have to go with the traffic. That's exactly what Colorado will be experiencing this season. Why? It's pothole patching season. 

The Colorado Department of Transportation published a press release warning drivers of some oncoming traffic and lane closures, as this is the season for patching:

While lane closures are generally limited to night-time hours, pothole repairs may occur during the day to prevent further deterioration and damage to the roadway. (Source: CDOT)

Potholes can't always be avoided: while annoying, they're often caused by natural events, like rain and snow. According to SummitEngineer.net, the expanding and contracting of water underneath weak pavement causes potholes, which causes us...stress.

Patching pavement is essential to avoid deterioration of roadways, so if you see a construction crew in front of you on the road this spring, give them a wide berth and slow your car down so that they can safely maintain our Colorado roads. CDOT urges drivers that if you do see a pothole, by the way, to always check your rearview mirrors and slow down to avoid slamming on your brakes.

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