Just when it seemed as though George Lopez had done just about everything there is to do as an entertainer from having a radio show, doing a sports show, and starring in movies to having his own sitcom and late-night talk show, he is back with something new. A reality dating show! “Take Me Out” premiered on FOX earlier this month.

The provocative and unpredictable new dating series is based on the hugely successful international format. Basically, 30 single women search for a match and several brave bachelors must make the ultimate first impression. Every week, the women are introduced to several bachelors one by one. Each woman stands at a lighted podium with a switch that controls her fate for a date: if she thinks it’s a match, she keeps her light on. If not, then it’s lights out and she waits for the next potential Mr. Right. As the hopeful mate reveals more and more about himself, the women continue to turn their lights out as they lose interest, leaving only the flirty females still fascinated by him. At this point, the gentleman takes control of the game and eliminates the ladies by turning out the lights of those women he’s just not into. During the last round, the bachelor will pose one final question to the two remaining women and will choose a winner to join him on a romantic fantasy date. Meanwhile, the remaining 29, plus one new woman, return during the next game for another chance at finding the guy who will light up their lives.

George Lopez recently told the New York Daily News that he doesn’t think he’d do well as a contestant on the new dating show he hosts. The 51-year-old comedian and actor says he’s too much of a homebody to impress the 30 ladies.  “If I was playing the game myself, I know that I would probably be blacked out, which is when all the lights go out, because I don’t do much in real life,” Lopez admitted. “I think a girl would probably say, ‘I need a guy that’s more exciting.”

Here is a little video about the show…

You can catch George Lopez and the new show “Take Me Out” Thursday nights at 6pm Mountain time on FOX.

If you want to see more of Geroge Lopez, he will be at the Budweiser Events Center on Saturday, June 30th and tickets are still available.


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