Whether you love it or hate it, Colorado continues to attract numerous new residents. Transplants are unloading their moving trailers, while current residents are discovering cities and towns in the state that better suit their lifestyle preferences.

Colorado has a lot to offer for every type of life you may want. When you think about cities where people are moving to you might think of Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other large cities in the state.

Colorado's Boomtowns

However, more residents are moving to smaller cities and towns. Many Colorado towns are being referred to as 'boomtowns'. Meaning that populations are growing exponentially in smaller areas.

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Another Colorado town is expected to rapidly grow in population rapidly because it is a phenomenal place to live.

Fruita, Colorado Honored

Money released a new issue dedicated to the best places to call home across the country. Specifically, they searched for places with a strong community, resilience, good potential for growth, and a strong economy. These qualities are important for people looking for stability and opportunities in their new home, ensuring a bright future and a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

Fruita currently has a population of 13,760 and a median listing price of $467,000. Here is what the writer, Malika Mitra, said.

Set beside the Colorado River and the rugged landscape of Colorado National Monument, Fruita is an under-the-radar mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you and your family are avid backcountry bikers or enjoy casual kid-friendly hikes, tubing and stargazing, the expansive trails and picturesque views of this funky Colorado town are major selling points.

Mitra also pointed out that Fruita's job market is expected to jump while poverty will remain low.

Check out more about Fruita and why it is expected to be Colorado's next boomtown here.

What Does Fruita/Grand Junction Need More Of In 2024?

What's missing in Fruita/Grand Junction in 2024? Some people think we need more restaurants, some say more energy resources, and others say to work on our manners and mutual respect. Check out the most popular answers so far in the gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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